10 to 1: 10 pictures with Joshua Barrett

10257564_557895527653743_2389007534964495842_oJoshua Barrett is one of Motorsports youngest triple threats, writing, commentating and photographing events up and down the U.K, involving himself in roles with the with the HSCC and 750 Motor Club.

Joshua has been a photographer for some time now, and has an impressive resume of photographs on his website, Joshua Barrett Photography.

The 24 Motorsports Blog caught up with Barrett to look through his 10 favourite pictures, explaining how and why each shot made the list.

Image 1: Aaron Scott/John Dhillon (Ferrari 458 Italia)  British GT – Brands Hatch



Barrett says: “Mid-way through 2013 I returned to photography after a short hiatus, using a quite simple ‘point and shoot’ camera.  This picture was taken at the second meeting into my return. This is the Aaron Scott and John Dhillon Ferrari 458 in the British GT Championship, it was taken through the trees on the exit of Druids at Brands Hatch and won the ‘MSV Amateur Photography Competition’ that year – which was pretty fantastic for me.”

24MB says: “James Bearne – the professional Motorsport photographer tasked with picking out the MSV Amateur Photography competition winner – said of the shot:

“This is a well thought out shot taken on the Sony DSC-H9, using a slow shutter speed and panning nicely through the trees at a slight angle gives this a really nice feel.  It is a difficult shot executed perfectly.”

“We agree with James, a fantastic shot any racing fan is sure to love.”

Image 2: Greg Thornton (Cooper T52) Historic Formula Junior – Thruxton


Barrett says: “This was taken at Thruxton through the famous Complex. Greg Thornton has his Cooper T52 on three wheels – something you couldn’t even imagine a modern Single-seater doing –  in the Historic Formula Junior Championship.”

24MB says: “It is great to see retro Formula Juniors still out there racing, especially one with a rich and varied past such as the T52. Although often outpaced by the Lotus 18 in it’s day, John Surtees made his four wheel debut at Goodwood in March 1960 in a T52, which makes it an instant favourite of the 24 Motorsports Blog.”

Image 3: Chris Drake (Ralt RT3) Derek Bell Trophy – Thruxton


Barrett says: “This photo I find quite bizarre. It happened mid-race in the Derek Bell Trophy at Thruxton and these two Formula Three racers appear to be putting their thumbs up while heading through the Complex. I wasn’t aware this happened until reviewing my photos later that evening. Furthermore, the Ralt RT3 of Chris Drake is the ex-Martin Brundle car, as an enthusiast it is always excellent seeing famous cars pushed to the limit in current competition.”

24MB says: “More cars with bucket loads of history featured in the top 10, and it’s no surprise Barrett has chosen this brilliant thumbs up image, perhaps the opposite to David Coulthard and Michael Schumacher’s famous exchange at Magny Cours in 2000…”

Image 4: Paul Smith (BMW 320); Dave Jarman (Nissan Primera); Neil Smith (Alfa Romeo 156) Super Touring Car Trophy – Thruxton


Barrett says: Three-wide into Allard at Thruxton and they all came out the other side! It’s not something that would happen in modern touring car racing but it did in the Super Touring Car Trophy. Left-to-right you can see Paul Smith (BMW 320), Dave Jarman (Nissan Primera) and Neil Smith (Alfa Romeo 156). Of course the Jarman Primera is the ex-Matt Neal car which was the first privateer to win in the modern-day BTCC at Donington Park in 1999.”

24 MB says: “If you’re a 24 Motorsports Blog regular you’ll know that not many things get us going more than 90s Super Touring cars, and this picture is no different. The inclusion of the ex-Neal Primera is particularly fantastic, and the fact that the three went through Allard together shows they may have the driving talent of some of the famous 90’s heroes.”

Image 5: Shayne Deegan (Citroen Saxo) Stock Hatch – Snetterton


Barrett says: This is an extraordinarily sideways Shayne Deegan at Snetterton, taken in Stock Hatch qualifying at the old Esses – now called Brundle and Nelson. For anyone that follows the Stock Hatch series closely won’t be surprised to hear that he saved it and didn’t lose any time!

24 MB says: ” The 750 Motor Club Stock Hatch championship is a hotbed of racing talent, and  Shayne Deegan was at the top of the pile taking the title in 2014. It’s easy to see why with the level of car control documented in this typically perfectly-timed Barrett shot.”

Image 6: Aaron Scott/John Dhillon (Ferrari 458 Italia) Chris Hoy/Wolfgang Reip (Nissan GTR GT3) British GT -Snetterton


Barrett says: “Here is a rather ambitious move by Sir Chris Hoy in the British GT Championship at Snetterton.  Something which I think makes this quite cool is that Chris himself saw this photo and tweeted about it!”

24 MB says: “A bit of a scenic route from gold medalist Hoy, and its a shame Hoy and Reip’s weekend at Snetterton didn’t turn out as well as this shot.”

Image 7: Clive Morley (Bentley) AMOC Pre-War Team Challenge – Brands Hatch


Barrett says: “In my opinion this is one of the coolest photos I have ever taken. It is fair to say that I hadn’t had the best of experiences with Pre-War racing in the past but this Qualifying session for Pre-War cars at the AMOC meeting at Brands Hatch was good fun. This is oversteering Bentley of Clive Morley.”

24 MB says: “More great retro shots from Barrett, this time from the AMOC meeting at Brands Hatch in September. Morley is well known throughout club racing circles for throwing the old warrior around at the very limit.”

Image 8: Francois Galashan (Porsche 996 GT3) GT Cup Championship


Barrett says: This is Francois Galashan in mid-spin coming out of Coram at Snetterton in a pre-meeting test for the GT Cup Championship. This spin is a very common occurrence at this part of the circuit – usually with cars avoiding contact with the barriers.

24 MB says: The angle of this shot gives it a drift feel, but we can confirm it is a GT Cup championship practice and not something sponsored by Falken or Toyo and featuring any ex-boyzone members…”

Image 9: Brian Chandler (Mazda MX-5) 5 Club Racing Series – Anglesey


Barrett says: “This was taken on my first visit to Anglesey. What a location for a race circuit and this is an awesome place to take photos where it looks like the cars are driving over the crest and into the Sea. This is MX5 racer Brian Chandler on his way to taking eight victories on the bounce in the 5 Club Racing series.”

24 MB says: “We challenge anyone to an argument about the qualities of Anglesey circuit. Awesome views (documented perfectly by this picture), changeable weather, great racing and did we mention it has a Laguna Seca-style corkscrew?”

Image 10: Martyn Fowdrey (Ford Fiesta) Stock Hatch/Classic Stock Hatch – Silverstone

Photo (10)

Barrett says: “Here is Martyn Fowdrey rolling into Vale at Silverstone in a combined Stock Hatch and Classic Stock Hatch race. Fowdrey ended up rolling onto the boot of Jon Hobbs’ car.”

24 MB says: “More Stock Hatch tomfoolery in the top 10, and what would a Motorsport top 10 be without at least one crash featured somewhere.”

You can see more of Joshua’s images at Joshua Barrett Photography and follow him on Twitter.

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