British Rally Championship opener cancelled

The 2014 North Wales Rally – scheduled to open the 2014 British Rally Championship – has been cancelled due to a lack of entries.

The club organising the event, the Wolverhampton and South Staffordshire Car Club, needed an entry of at least 106 entries to break even. At the event registration deadline on Friday, they had received  less than 80.

Guy Weaver, chairman of the Wolverhampton and South Staffordshire Car Club said: “With less than 80 entries the Club was facing a potential loss of in excess of £10k, which we simply cannot afford.”

“Cancelling last year’s rally cost the Club a similar amount and wiped out any contingency funding for this year.”

The 2013 event was cancelled due to snow, making the 2012 Bulldog International Rally the last ran in the British Rally Championship in North Wales

British Rally Championship Manager Mark Taylor also added: “”I feel for the organising team who have done all they can under the circumstances.

“The forests are apparently in first class condition; arguably the best in Europe and it is a real shame that the rally has a significant gap in the finances to make it viable.

Taylor also blamed the economic climate for the troubles the Championship faces.

“It would seem that alongside current uncertainties and lack of available sponsorship, Motorsport seems to be lagging behind in the economic recovery, taking its toll on stage rallying.”

The opening event will now be the Carlisle RB Foundation Rally on May 4.

Image courtesy of Jakob Ebrey photography

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